Headteachers Need Lifeline After Deluge Of Educational Initiatives

News / January 18, 2010

A petition being raised by teachers voices their concerns over the growing educational workload and stress falling upon Head teachers.  Ironically one of the key support areas for children in school is pastoral care.  But with many Head teachers buckling under the load, who looks after their pastoral care?

A time served teacher gains vast experience in the pros and cons of the profession; what works, what doesn’t, what to avoid, how to project the subject, how to control the class and how to achieve success.  The years hone the ability, the skill increases and the benefits of a class of children under their control grow inexorably.

The teacher seeks promotion to rightfully achieve the accolade of Head teacher where their ability to motivate, guide, enthuse and inspire will benefit teachers and children alike.  But this is where the theory fails, overwhelmed by a minefield of bureaucracy and a torrent of government initiatives the dream falls like a house of cards. We are left with a disproportionate number of heads suffering stress and isolation burdened by policies that absorb all enthusiasm. The flame dies.

Clearly it is up to the government to identify policy but their track record in education is woeful. Maybe a better policy would be to get all policies examined by the guys at the front line in teaching before publication. Limited to a maximum of say three initiatives per year ( there have been 18 since last October! ) we may see the cost of the bureaucracy reduce and more importantly allow Headteachers to flourish to the huge benefit of the kids, school and any succession plan.

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