Happiness Enters Primary School Curriculum

News / December 7, 2015

A new teacher has joined the staff at the Sacred Heart primary school. No great news perhaps except the new teacher will responsible for teaching Happiness.

Clearly this is not full time as she will also teach maths and English. Not sure if this creative role is indicative of the state of the nation where changes in society have created unhappy children. ‘School days should be happy days’ and anything that will engender this spirit should be encouraged it can only help in the learning process. If it also overcomes the scourge of modern learning; bullying it is to be commended but if this new role is successful the cost or replicating ‘Happiness’ in all 25,000 primary schools in England may be an interesting dilemma for the Department for Education.

Primary School Catchment Area.

Living in a school catchment area of a good school has long been the quest of thousands of parents of young children. This can mean moving to a relevant address causing house prices to rocket by around £40,000, sometimes a matter of a couple of meters can make or break the decision. It can also create false congregations in churches associated with faith schools who stipulate parents and children should attend church regularly. Around 80 per cent these temporary congregations disappear once the child is accepted into the school.

Both situations show just how manipulative we can become. Parents rightly want the best for their children and can feel they failed their offspring if they are not accepted into the ideal school. A feeling of what might have been that can last a lifetime when children failed to flourish during their primary and secondary education.

But why in 2015 is the clamour for places at selected schools still relevant. Why haven’t our primary schools predominately became rated as excellent . Child education is nothing new, we have been operating a schooling policy for centuries yet still manage to fall short. Maybe a radical approach to the learning process that will become predominately be internet based will our only salvation for the future. In the meantime entry to good schools will continue to be a nightmare.

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