Finns Fly Into Top Place To Live Due To Educational Standard

News / August 18, 2010

The standard of education in Finland has been instrumental in their success as the top place to live according to a survey by Newsweek.

The Department for Education has also cited the exemplary educational system  based in Finland as a shining example of what can be achieved. Key difference is the starting age, where children do not start school until they are six years old. The extra year allows children to develop and become more receptive to learning. This can be demonstrated by the fact the children overtake those who started at five years within 18 months. The  schooling drop-out level to age 15 is virtually nil.

Something we have mentioned before, but if we are to turn things around in the UK we need a radical review of our schooling. Maybe the example of Finland’s educational system can be a model we could adopt. At least it has been well developed and would avoid “redesigning the wheel.” Clearly it works whereas our system is spluttering  at the moment. With the cost cutting evident in all government departments here is a potential solution that would avoid the inevitable vast consultant fees needed to review our own system.

The Newsweek survey reviewed many facets on the standard of living in individual countries. It placed Switzerland and Sweden in second and third place. The USA dropped into 11th place, and dear old Blighty, the UK came in 14th position. Any reluctant UK educational authority need to reflect on our disappointing achievement. Our schooling system has helped us slide down to the also rans. Time to smarten up and perhaps use a well tried educational system that clearly works.

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