Eton School Is Target Of Disruption From Etonleaks.

News / November 9, 2011

In the midst of the claims and counter claims judged to be cause of the ills of society we now witness an educational establishment being targeted.  Too grandiose to to refer to it  merely as a school, the Eton institution has become the focus of  the “Etonleaks Collective” who plan to disrupt various elements of the school’s activities to highlight their claims.

A claim of elitism creating “future privileged social parasites” has been made by the group which is gathering  growing evidence of other dubious educational activities such how to avoid tax and suspect foreign investments in the school. Sounds almost like the Gaddafi regimes involvement in the London School of Economics (LSE). The pressure group has already disrupted the annual Old Boys association meeting scheduled for next week. There is nothing like a pressure group with a cause to scratch away to gain facts. Inevitably the dark secrets of Eton will emerge to sully its incredible educational success. Rather than looking solely for negatives it may help all schools to learn some of the secrets of its educational success. We could all learn something from that expose.

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