Educational World Decides Two Plus Two Should Not Equal Five

News / February 3, 2012

Whilst school performance is measured on league tables the chances of some form of exam manipulation is extremely high. Teacher’s remuneration, head teacher kudos and Ofsted storm troopers are all focused on the position of the school relative to its contemporises and DfE criteria. The flaw in this approach is the children being educated appear as a secondary consideration. Often maths English and science have been sidelined.

No wonder the intelligent schools have spotted loopholes in the system. Enrolling children in esoteric exam subjects to improve the schools’ pass ratings can leave the students with worthless qualifications to support higher education or have any vocational relevance. At last the department of education is to close this door and give children access to core subjects that are crucially in their centre of learning. No longer will bricklaying with dance be regarded as a worthwhile exam course. More….

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