Educational Video Games Increase Student Achievement

News / December 10, 2009

Research conducted by the University of Central Florida (UCF), has revealed  immersive educational video maths  games (such as Paws Explore Multiplication ) can improve students’ maths skills and comprehension to  raise scores on district-wide benchmark exams.

According to the study set over an 18-week period, students playing the educational video games demonstrated higher gains on district benchmark exams than students not playing the games. On average, students in the experimental group made gains of 8.07 points (out of 25), while students in the control group made gains of just 3.74 points.

The research study, conducted by a University of Central Florida  team of faculty and graduate students  evaluated  193 algebra and pre-algebra students, and 10 teachers who were all from Orange County, Florida. Experimental and control groups were used to test the researchers hypotheses and were evaluated using pre- and post-study district benchmark exams, game preparation tests, surveys, classroom observations, and personal interviews.

As well as the increased test scores  researchers found that teacher training, as well as focusing on the integration of educational games, was essential to enhance student learning. They also found that students were not only capable of intuitive  game-play on their own, but were also willing to help fellow classmates with the games, proving that peer support has significant benefit in the learning process.

The survey was conducted in 2008,  and with the ongoing development of game platforms able to play  interactive  maths games, the benefits of this style of learning is growing.

Based on an orginal article by By Chris Riedel

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