Educational Games Site Security Boosted By Secure Socket Trading

News / November 10, 2009

At Keen2learn we have always taken data protection to heart and are pleased to have been able move tot the next level of security by adopting a new security system over whole site. Like many sites we had a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) imbedded on the credit card transaction, but unlike most educational games sites we now the SSL security operating over the whole site. This means that any details you enter on the site are encrypted for peace of mind.

If you take a look at the bottom right hand corner of any page on the site you see a triangular Comodo logo. Hover over this to see the instant record of our site security. That the easy bit, behind the scenes there was a huge amount of data and design mods required to install the system – so not for the feint hearted. We’re lucky and have a brilliant team in Robin and Adrian who tackle all opportunities with great skill and gusto.

Adrian, our luminous designer, burnt a huge amount of midnight oil and all the candles he could find at both ends during the exercise. He is a night owl by preference but we would imagine half of Yorkshire had seen an eerie glow over the past few nights.

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