Early Years Learning In School Could Start With Two Year Olds

News / November 30, 2011

The learning journey for children  can start at a much earlier age so says a Canadian study. The review, completed into early childhood learning every three or four years shows that a school based programme could start with children at two years old. No formal curriculum is enforced but skilled early childhood educators are to be enlisted to support the opportunity. They are expected to gather educational games and teaching methods currently being used in drop-in centres, family resource workshops, kindergarten and nursery schools.

Sounds like manna form heaven for those busy career parents but the question is this a real gap or are many day care centres already offering this service at a cost. If the service is to be extended to offer lower income families the same  benefit this could cause a flood of transfers from commercial daycare centres. But there is some encouragement as more than half  2 – 4 years old regularly attend an early learning programme which bodes well for the development of the social and learning skills that benefit children in later schooling. more..

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