Dyslexia Often Missed By Untrained Teachers

News / February 26, 2015

One of the greatest frustrations for many teachers driven by targets is the need to focus unduly on the average performer in the class. Those struggling as well the brighter pupil can be neglected in preference for those in contention. But as many as 10 per cent of the class may be children struggling with dyslexia.

All too often children suffering from dyslexia are needlessly overlooked, which is why the dyslexia sector is calling for better training for teachers in special educational needs (SEN). Currently this is not compulsory in initial teacher training or their continuing professional development. In the hands of a trained teacher corrective support can be called on to stimulate such children that can radically improve their learning capacity.

The dyslexia sector is therefore calling on the future Government to:

  • Introduce compulsory SEN modules that include dyslexia awareness in all Initial Teacher Training courses, regardless of setting, including dyslexia awareness.
  • Ensure that dyslexia awareness is a mandatory part of a teacher’s continuing professional development
  • Ensure that all professionals involved in the support of individuals follow a minimum standard framework of ‘good practice’ and are provided with the appropriate CPD to develop skills and knowledge to guide people with dyslexia.
  • Commit to equal access to education and assessment by ensuring that all curriculum and assessment resources are available in accessible formats and the use of assistive technologies is encouraged and actively promoted at all levels of education.

Dyslexia Action Chief Executive Kevin Geeson said: “It is vital that the next Government adopts these recommendations. All teachers need to have a basic awareness of dyslexia to ensure that they can identify it more readily in the classroom, and know how best to empower and assist those children who may otherwise be left behind.”


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