Dyslexia Needs Increased Government Focus

News / February 23, 2015

One of the concerns any parent has is the ultimate performance of their child throughout the schooling process. Reduced achievement can be devastating to the parents and child. Yet many children have slipped into adulthood not understanding a root cause of their learning difficulties can be down to dyslexia.

There is growing focus on the help available to children and adults to counter the effects of dyslexia but there is a long way to go to attain the results that could be achievable. An initiative by  Dyslexia Action seeks to significantly improve the performance of dyslexia suffers. This national charity with over 40 years’ experience  provides services and support to children, young people and adults with literacy and numeracy difficulties, dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties. They provide assessments and tuition through their national Learning Centres and in schools across the country.

Dyslexia Action Chief Executive Kevin Geeson said: “The Dyslexia sector has come together to examine how those living with dyslexia can be better supported to give them improved confidence and skills to help them thrive and make a positive contribution to society.  Average literacy levels are below what we would expect for the UK population and these proposals are a clear statement of how this situation can be improved.”

Although the pending general election has bound to have knocked the focus on the issue Dyslexia Action and other organisations are determined to highlight the plight of sufferers by producing  a manifesto to outline the policies they believe the Government should implement during the next Parliament. The manifesto recognises that the education, employment and training for people with dyslexia is both a challenge and opportunity for any future Government. An action plan has been developed which will ensure positive outcomes to ensure: ‘an accessible education’, ‘a skilled and knowledgeable educational workforce’ and ‘an equal playing field for workers, trainees and job seekers’.

The dyslexia sector has launched its election action plan for ‘Educating, employing and training people with Dyslexia-SpLD for 2020’. Download a full copy of the dyslexia manifesto here.




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