Childrens Failure In English Literacy and Numeracy Continue to Worry Governments and Employers.

News / April 5, 2010

The attainment of children in English literacy and numeracy is a continuing concern for employers and educational authorities. The recovery from global recession may be hampered by inadequately educated employees.

Those of us that can read will be shocked to learn of the excessive number of children that leave primary and secondary school without the minimal grasp of English literacy. This concern affects more that the just UK, so what is wrong with our modern teaching resources?

Perhaps the greatest concern of the Department of Children Schools and Families (DCSF) is the continuing poor standards in English. Children are leaving primary school with inadequate criterion to perform in secondary school. The transfer can overwhelm children who find continuing education in all subjects a struggle. The net effect is a barrage of children attempting to enter the employment market with inadequate standards in literacy and numeracy.

Chief Executives berate the educational system claiming that to employ the workforce they need they are forced to provide lessons in basic literacy and numeracy to new employees. But the problem is not unique to the UK. Six million Australians also don’t have the necessary basic literacy or numeracy skills needed in the workplace. Skills Australia have just released figures that equate to 40 per cent of Australians in work and 60 per cent of those unemployed have inadequate educational standards.

Technology is a double edged sword in the circumstances. Education can benefit from the myriad of technology based teaching resources that are now available. But technology is also removing the lower order of employment opportunities. The general move in employment is towards jobs requiring higher levels of education leaving the failing children trapped. This is bad news all round as employers, failing to find the correct quality and quantity of employees, will struggle to meet the opportunities emerging in a recovery from a global recession

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