Children Get To Design Future Educational Games

News / October 22, 2010

School children and teachers are normally on the receiving end of educational teaching resources. Their format and content is dependent on the games developer. Most are matched to an aspect of the curriculum and designed to involve academic activities to engage and enthral children. But now children from the classroom are being given the chance to develop the games themselves.

The development of classroom video games as an educational medium is relatively recent. Yet whilst they have attracted significant interest in schools and the home the content largely reflects the aspirations and commercial interests of the developer. The young market is developing rapidly as children’s use of video games becomes more widespread. This has led to demands for greater sophistication opening the  market to newer games.  And the possibility the next generation of educational learning games  may be  designed by the  children themselves.

The Learning Games Network recently held a workshop to enlist the interests of children in the next generation of classroom resources. The aim was to engage children in the design of some new games that will ultimately be developed into production. The result can be seen in the video below. This highly successful event enthralled the participants and teachers alike. They say the best products are based on effective market research. You can’t beat getting the end user to be instrumental in  designing  the product. Apart from the educational advantage to the children using the games the workshop experience could also provide a future career option.

The Learning Games Network aims to develop new ideas to capture the educational interests of children. In association with manufactures the ideas are  developed into production  as  future classroom resources.

They provide resources to help teachers use games in the classroom. Working with educational publishers and media producers to design better learning games and develop new business models for getting them into the hands of teachers and students.  Learning games network also host local and online events for students to learn about game design and new media for education.

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