Better Off Areas See Drop In Educational Funds

News / January 20, 2012

Educational Funds Dry Up More In Better Off Areas

The Institute of Fiscal Studies has completed some maths sums into the educational funding of schools. The review, completed in October 2011 revealed educational spending is set to fall at the fastest rate since the 1950’s.

Due to the way the educational budgets are allocated, with a bias to inner city and failing schools, the funds available for better off areas, who tend to have better schools, is commensurately reduced.

Not fair may be the reaction from affected parents, school children and schools but the recession is biting everywhere. The cuts perhaps do not consider the long term objectives. We desperately need to improve the level of our educational achievement across the board. This does not involve exam manipulation; teach to test, or being given the exam answers in advance by an examination board. Instead it requires concerted investment in the right teaching resources, the right schools and the right teachers. This will cost money. If the budget is cut reforms in school will stagnate through the lack of cash.

The quest to improve failing schools will need money. Whilst the absence of funding recognised by Sir Michael Wilshaw, the new head of Ofsted, will hinder improvement he expects school leaders to demonstrate considerable fortitude. Making a silk purse from a sow’s ear is hardly practical, despite the Department of education claiming the overall budget is increasing by £3.6 billion over the next four years.A

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