Appeals In Secondary Schools Applications Tops 86,000

News / Opinion / October 29, 2009

Can our educational system cope? The games being played to secure a place at a preferred school are manifold. But this year the recession has swelled the numbers of applicants from the independent sector at our secondary schools.

The effect of the recession has seen many parents abandoning the independent schooling option to save costs. The result has swelled the numbers seeking to attend state secondary schools. Adding fuel to an already fraught fire it is horrendous that our state schooling system has developed such a scramble for places. This situation has also spilled over into faith schools. Everyone wants the best for their child and there is no reason why there should be such a shortage of good schools.

Chris Huhne, Lib Dem Home Affairs spokesperson, voiced concern on today’s BBC Politics Programme that the figures are predominately an underestimate. They represent the number of appeals and do not account for those who have failed and have not appealed. Our secondary system is in turmoil, yet in Sweden and the Netherlands there are very positive examples of effective secondary education. We are part of Europe, perhaps we still have a lot to learn about schooling.

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