Teaching Staff To Attend Best Overseas Schools

News / January 25, 2016

In a bid to improve the quality of schools the educational department in Delhi has started to send headteachers and teachers overseas to study the best schools in the world.

Teaching staff will be sent to the best universities, training facilities and schools around the globe. This action has a double benefit, firstly schoolchildren will be taught using the best teaching procedures, secondly the teachers involved will see  the importance of their role in Indian society.

Education Minister Manish Sisodia is behind the scheme and is confident he has gone back to basics to improve teaching moral and ability. “A teacher is a leader for at least 40 children” he said and stressed the importance of leadership in the education process. Currently government school teachers at the State Council Educational Research and Training were the only ones “getting to attend seminars”.

A future element of the plan would see  the teacher training process become two-way. The Education Ministry would also implement exchange programmes, through which, foreign teachers would come to Delhi, while teachers and principals from government schools shall be sent to some of the renowned universities abroad.

The programme would help to improve the standards and supply of qualified graduates to help develop the economy in Indian. Although the Indian GNP is growing there is still massive unemployment. Recently there were 19,000  applicants from graduates for the 110 road sweeping jobs in Uttar Pradesh.

It would be interesting to see if the UK teaching team could  benefit from being involved in such a learning programme. Observing the best teaching principles from the best schools throughout the world would give teachers and headteachers food for thought, expand their horizons and bring some great opportunities for children learning  back to the UK.

Exchange facilities should be commonplace and promoted as a key part of  enriching teaching staff training and personal development. It may also help overcome entrenched thought and teaching practices, and convince the many thousands of teachers leaving the profession each year there is perhaps a better way ahead. The cost of supply teachers to cover the experience would be a sound investment in comparison to the cost of recruitment.

Alistair Owens



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