3D Set To Upgrade Interactive Whiteboard Teaching Resources

News / January 21, 2010

Although a huge number of schools installed interactive whiteboards as the focal teaching resource in the classroom, many are used as a conventional white version of the blackboard with all the electronics turned off. But 3D is about to upgrade the potential.

Sunlight, shadows and equipment failure tend to knock confidence in the interactive whiteboard. There are cases where children brought to the front of the class to interact with the computer isolate the remainder of the class until it’s their turn. Lesson time can quickly be consumed in a parade of children trooping to the front of the class.

But 3D technology in the form of chip is about to change the concept and use of this learning resource. Built into a new projector similar in shape and size to the conventional projector, the 3D version opens a whole new world to learning.

Pupils involved in the 3D programme in the USA saw a 35% jump in their grades, according to the study.

“The first comment from the teachers was that there wasn’t one discipline issue – which amazed them. And the second thing they noted was that every student passed the exam, which was unprecedented,” said Tracey Masamoto, director for 3D content firm JTM Concepts which conducted the tests.

With this level of positive reaction, the teacher’s performance and job satisfaction could leap forward significantly. Quelling the disruptive element of the class would extend the time available to teach and the technology opens new horizons in learning. All we need now is a set of 3D glasses and the software that can live up to the standards that kids who have seen “Avatar” will expect!

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