ICT Games

Keen2learn has selected a range of control games to get children interested and proficient in electronic control. Used in the classroom as a teaching resource to support the national curriculum they can also be used at home to encourage interest and achievement in children in ICT through games and toys. Starting with educational toys for the early years learning the range extends practical electronics from KS1 to KS4 and GCSE. Buy online using a credit or debit card, or place a school order on account by using the school order option at the checkout.

Numeracy ICT Games

Playing these educational ICT games in class and at home let children see how electronic computer control works all around them. The games have been developed by learning specialists to encourage and intrigue children. Practice and experimentation are crucial to improve learning retention. Using these learning games and resources encourage children in school and the family at home to join in. Click a tronic electronics games

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