Teachers Use Dice To Develop Students Thinking skills

Product News / June 25, 2010

Getting children to think and develop their reasoning skills is sometimes like climbing a mountain – where do you start. Keen2learn have introduced a great new educational product  designed as  literacy games to help children, parents and teachers tackle new concepts in a range of subjects.

Thinking Dice is a brand new fun product to encourage  pupils to develop higher order thinking and questioning skills. Research has shown teaching children effective thinking skills can make a world of difference  in their effective learning.

Each set of the dice comprise  six large 5cm cube colour coded foam dice that have a question structure printed on each face. They are specifically designed to promote questioning and higher order thinking at a specific level of Bloom’s revised taxonomy of thinking. In case these  have slipped your mind they are: remembering and recalling information; understanding ideas and concepts; applying information; analysing information in order to explore and understand relationships; evaluating ideas, concepts, situations and creativity; and  making something new with the knowledge. See it all floods back!

Thinking Dice can be easily adapted for a wide age range and can be applied to a huge selection  of topics in many subject areas. They are a boon to a teacher who can use the application of the questions to help in the lesson plan.

The possibilities of developing children’s higher order thinking are endless!

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