Smart Kids Launches 2015 Catalogues For Primary Schools

Product News / January 18, 2015

Smart Kids, one of the leaders in supplying teaching resources to the primary school sector have just launched their 2015 catalogues. Making fun the focal point of their educational range has led to the introduction of numerous innovative educational games. Ideal to support lessons in the classroom and equally applicable at home where parents can replicate the school lesson. The team at Smart Kids are masters at promoting  products that appeal to both teachers and school children, a key feature behind their effective use. More importantly in these days of tightened budgets – the products are built to last. The new catalogues feature an additional 100 new teaching resources developed to reflect the new 2014 curriculum. The extensive range covers Literacy and Language, Maths and Numeracy, Primary Inclusion and Special Educational Needs. To see more take a look at

Literacy and Language

  • Splat spelling board game level 2 Look, SPLAT, Spell, Check – WIN! The rules of these fun spelling games couldn’t be simpler. Tackle over 200 high-frequency and common exception word spellings from the 2014 Key Stage 1 Spelling Appendix in Set 1 and the 200 hard to spell words from the Key Stage 2 Spelling Appendix in Set 2

L91 L91 product   Maths and Numeracy

  • Under The Sea Shells: Concrete Word Problem Activity Set:  Maths word problems are brought to life with Clams, Crabs and Starfish in this under-the-sea themed concrete problem-solving activity set!

NR89 Special Educational Needs 

  • The Big Debate Starter: Should school have rules? Is our country great? Discuss and debate these topics and other thought-provoking statements using these brilliant new double-sided starter cards. A statement and image is provided on one card side with space to write reasons/ideas for and against the it on the other, plus some related vocabulary.



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