School Favourite Maths Games Released In Online Version

Product News / November 26, 2010

The Counter Challenge maths board games has been around for the past 10 years. Already a firm favourite in schools it has just been relaunched as a on line teaching resource for use in school or at home.

The new on line version has all the interactive features oyu would expect but the original board game version is still available. Ann Douglas, maths specialist & P/T teacher at St Luke’s primary school in  Redditch, has been using the original version which has proved to be a firm hit in numeracy games.

“Our more able eight-to nine year olds used the resource. I introduced times tables with quick response questions and explained that these skills will be needed. I handed out a selection of counters and scrap paper and explained the calculations/scoring method. The children then recorded the scores they could make using different counter combinations.

We discussed who could score more than100, how they did it and which counters were the most useful to get a high score. The children loved it!

They learned a new scoring method as well as improving their logical thinking, planning/estimating and number skills.

I can imagine schools developing Counter Challenge tournaments. The game is more versatile and challenging than other maths games I’ve seen. The one limitation is that it is only suitable for small groups at a time.

A fun, challenging game, which is excellent value for money.”

The on-line  new version is available by subscription from and provides hours of fun for any children and parents whilst learning maths in disguise.

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