Keen2learn Tests Playcolor Solid Poster Paint Pens From Bigjigs

Product News / January 18, 2016

This latest educational product addresses an age-old problem. Kids love to paint but now the messy preparation and clearing away of paints is thing of the past. The new range of Playcolor are solid poster paint in a chunky pen.

Mixing water based paints, or letting kids use ready mixed paints in a container involves mess with the paint getting everywhere whilst their creative work evolves. Paint brushes tend to roll about and need washing at the end of the session. We took a look at the Playcolor range from Bigjigs.

The paint comes in the form of a solid stick in a chunky pen- ideal for young and older hands to grip. Unlike a felt pen there are no smells from solvents and that squeaky noise as pen hits the paper (setting teeth on edge) has gone. Instead a silky smooth paint is applied by the Playcolor pen, that can be ‘smudged’ or blended with other colours to add more effects.


The snap-on self coloured cap seals the pen when not in use, but unfortunately it can’t be stored on the other end of the pen when in use. This would prevent the pen from rolling off the table.

The pens are supplied with a handy zip-up plastic storage case allowing hem to be tucked in a draw at the end of the session, and equally easy to grab in an instant to capture those short lived creative sessions!

DN00125There are three sizes of pen; 5g – pocket pens, 10g for ‘convention’ artwork and a 40g version for painting murals. They each come in packs sizes of 6 or 12-coloured pen. The pens are supplied in a cardboard and plastic display case that can be loaded into the point of sale display/dispenser.

As the paint is used there is a screw cap on the base to wind up more paint – like a propelling pencil. The range also covers four types of application:

IMG_7627The Playcolor Range

Textil; (tested by Keen2learn) This is a fantastic opportunity for the budding clothes designer. The pens can be used to apply a design on say a white tee-shirt or a pair of trainers. Once dry the design is then ironed over a piece of paper to set the paint and the tee shirt can then be machine washed at 60C. Advisable to cut out the instructions for this from the cardboard box and store it in the zip-up pen case.

Fluo; Great range of fluorescent paint to create those spooky creations.

One; is the larger 10g pens for conventional creations that will benefit from instant application of paint in 6 or 12 assorted colours.

Mettalic; to create birthday cards and for all those special occasions. Available also in 5g, 10g and 40g (mural) pens.

How did the Playcolor  pens score in the Keen2learn tests.

Durability                ????⚪️

Educational             ???⚪️⚪️

Creativity                 ?????

Imagination             ?????

Coordination            ????⚪️

Dexterity                  ????⚪️




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