New Teaching Resource Has Magnetic Attraction In The Classroom.

Product News / May 24, 2011

Keen2learn’s range of PSHE educational games has been joined by a great new front of class teaching resource. The My BodyBoard series of health and nutrition teaching aids comprise of a cartoon drawing of the body or food – mounted in a sturdy aluminium frame. The board is magnetic to allow the class to place a combination of magnetic text and pictures onto the image of the human body or “eatwell” plate. The teacher can then highlight the dangers of alcohol and smoking by showing the effects on organs of the body.

The “bodyboards” were developed by an ex teacher who used his experience in class linked with the graphics skill of his wife to launch these great new learning games. Allowing children to see the adverse effects on the organs of the body and place the images correctly on the body is a significant ways of getting the point across. Keen2learn will adding extensions to this exciting range as they become available.

The boards can be easily displayed on a an easel or flip chart easel and stored with the magnetic images in place in an optional storage bag.

My BodyBoard Nutrition Eatwell Plate Magnetic Packs

My BodyBoard Dangers of Alcohol Magnetic Pack

My BodyBoard Dangers of Smoking Magnetic Pack

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