New Stock Of Thinking Dice Educational Games Arrive

Product News / May 7, 2012

Thinking Dice Educational Games from Keen2learn

After a multitude of delays due to the relocation of manufacture Thinking Dice are due in stock from 16th May 2012. These much sought after educational games get children to think laterally and develop a higher order evaluation and creative thinking through their use as an English game teaching resource.

The Thinking Dice are available in a single pack of five dice, and budget saving class-pack comprising of five packs of five dice and a class-pack of 30 packs of five dice. The larger packs giving a considerable saving on the single pack.

The dice are 5cm foam cubes with a different question on each face. The set comprises of six dice in three colours to break the question into areas of higher thinking to  let children develop ideas on the following topics:

  • Remembering and recalling information,
  • Understanding ideas and concepts,
  • Applying information in order to explore and understand relationships
  • Evaluating situations and creativity.

The dice can be used in a huge  range of subject areas and age ranges. They can be used in the classroom as a teaching resource or at home at any point in a lesson to get students to use their thinking skills:

  • Introduction of lessons.
  • Throughout an entire lesson.
  • Plenary and reflection of learning.
  • Managing differentiation of thinking skills.
  • Circle Time and Hot seating
  • Assessment of thinking skills (Informal teacher assessment)

The popularity of the games has been huge with many teachers seeing the benefits of the fun approach to learning paying dividends in a short space of time. The students look forward to “playing the game” which is helping them delve into greater depths in understanding a subject area. Educational games are after all “Learning in Disguise” – the  adopted  theme of which follows the advice of Plato 2000 year ago ”

“Do not, my friend, keep children to their studies by compulsion, but by play.”

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