New Renewable Energy Training From Heliocentris

Product News / February 13, 2015

The importance of renewable energy is crucial to the world economy and our climate. Despite the massive drop in world oil prices there are still vital climate change and political supply issues to resolve. Some say the prevailing prices are due to political and commercial pressure created by the substitution of oil imports from OPEC  by fracking in the USA. Others say it is the world economies that are still depressed causing a surfeit of oil in the market.

In the UK we are enjoying totally unexpected lower oil prices to stimulate demand. Yet if demand increases this will contribute proportionately towards climate change. It is important that students are informed of the consequences and the alternatives. In the years to come we need an educated population versed in renewable energy. They will be the scientists, engineers and politicians  able to investigate and develop the next generation of clean energy and reduce our reliance on overseas supply.

Heliocentris is a specialist in renewable energy training. The range of sophisticated training equipment is in extensive use throughout the world including many UK schools, colleges and universities. Starting with the hydrogen powered model car though to complete renewable energy laboratories their equipment is also used practically in commercial applications.

The latest to the Heliocentris range is a new Hydrive electric car trainer aimed at secondary schools, and the new energy laboratory for use in universities. This facility incorporates multiple renewable energy technologies with covering both energy generation and storage. The equipment  is designed to illustrate basic engineering principles of renewable energy systems as well as more complex topics like energy management, hybridization or electric mobility. Top-tier universities and institutes worldwide, amongst them Birmingham, Coventry, Portsmouth and Dundee Universities, already rely on Heliocentris products to teach fundamental engineering principles of renewable energy systems. The following video gives short introduction, for further details go to


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