New ICT Educational Game Gets Children Designing Electronic Circuits

Product News / July 18, 2011

One of the best ways for children to learn is through trial and error, the hands on approach that boosts learning retention. And the best way to entice attention and involvement is through educational games that bring fun into learning. Keen2learn has just launched a great new teaching resource that has application in the classroom but be just as easily be used at home.

Click a Tronic is a great new way for children to learn about electronic circuits. It has easily clip-together printed circuit links that build up into an electronic circuit. Clip in the sensors, motors, fans and repays supplied with the game to turn the circuit into an operational unit. The Click a Tronic is an ideal teaching resource that covers the ICT, science, Design and Technology (D&T) elements of the national curriculum in fun exercises. Described by children as “the best lesson ever” the range of design experiments is enormous limited only by their imagination.

Already in use around the world it is a huge hit with teachers who use it in class. Importantly the Click a Tronic can be un-clipped and stored in the box provided and reused over and again. It comes with lesson plans, worksheets and instructions in a picture book with illustrations. Importantly it covers 200 learning projects in the principles and application of parallel and series circuits, electric motors and sensors. Projects can be a combination of techniques and how a project can be made to react to light, sound and moisture to activate a circuit.

Designed for children of five years old and upward the Click a Tronic is a hit in the class and at home where parents can support the projects and also see how a circuit is designed with application around the home. Probably the best present parents and relative can buy at the moment.

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