New Fun Way of Learning About History Heroes

Product News / March 17, 2015

One of the ideal ways for children to get children to retain that have been learning is to make it fun. Turning history into educational games suddenly makes the learning process enjoyable. This is where a product called History Heroes comes in, but it isn’t all about Kings and Queens.

This award winning range of educational games arrive in the form of a pack of pocket sized cards. Each card delivers information on 40 of the greatest heroes in a subject area over a 1000 years of history. Each pack cover either scientists, explorers, World War 1 heroes or sports heroes.

Sport History HeroesExplorers History HeroesWorld War I History HeroesScientists History Heroes



Each card in the pack has an image of the relevant History Hero, his or her flag, their birth and death dates and 7 key facts about their lives and achievements. Six facts range in difficulty from green – the easiest – to red, the most difficult so all ages and key stages can play together at different levels in the same game. Alternatively, the game can be made more cut-throat by winning more cards for guessing the Hero from the more difficult facts. And when you want to crank up the pressure even further, introduce the 7th, Joker fact to overrule all the other ones!

Perfect for long journeys, the History Heroes card games are a great way to ‘unplug’ the family from all their digital appliances and have been incredibly popular with quizical adults, grandparents, parents and their children. The games have recently been introduced into schools too as fresh and engaging educational tools. You can read a bit about one of History Heroes’ workshops here:




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