New French and Spanish Language Programmes From Linguascope

Product News / April 11, 2015

One of the best ways to learn a modern foreign language is through repetition. Ideal if one or both of your parents are fluent and can talk to you in the language. The rest of us have to reply on the classroom lessons – not always that easy when the French or Spanish lesson in class is only 40 minutes long and your parents are not that fluent. But the dawn of technology has provided an easier way to practice and learn through repetition in a fun way that children – and parents can tune into whenever they have some free time.

Linguascope, have long captured the use of DVD’s and CD’s to present their well known educational games and teaching resources to help learn a modern foreign languages. The latest in their range of fun learning packages is “Une Boom Cool” a CD/DVD pack with French animated songs the sequel to popular “La Boutique magique” and – “Somos campeones”, a CD/DVD pack with Spanish animated songs, the sequel to”¡Festejemos!”

Priced at 19.00 pounds plus VAT the DVD AND CD’scan be played at home, in the car and on journeys in a DVD players. Providing endless fun and as well as great practice in the use and pronunciation in French and Spanish. Importantly they improve the skill and enjoyment of a child in the use of a foreign language.

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