New Book Helps Children Story Telling

Product News / February 13, 2016

If nothing else people tend to remember the name; Pie Corbett, is a former head teacher, lecturer and English school inspector. A positive example of poacher turned gamekeeper he has developed many teaching aids to help children grasp literacy.

Author of around 250 books Pie Corbett has focused on literacy and uses story telling as a key ingredient to generate and maintain interest in the subject. His books are a combination of teacher support and a resource for children to gain support form parents at home. His latest book encourages children to use rhyme and story to develop their language skills and imagination. They are not therefore just bedtime reading but add greater depth to a child’s development. Telling stories is proven to develop a child’s comprehension and critical thinking as well boosting memory, confidence concentration and use of language.

The new book Talk for Writing in the Early Years is based around three simple concepts – imitation, innovation and invention. By teaching language and writing in memorable patterns, learners develop a bank of templates. Children then draw on these templates and fill them with their own language and experience. They can first imitate patterns, then innovate within them, and eventually grow to invent their own stories independently.

The book is primarily aimed at schools but any a parent can use the facility the only drawback except it is a little pricey at £33 for the average family budget.



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