Music Games Boost Keen2learn Educational Range

Product News / July 8, 2010

For some time educational games website  have offered  educational software to help children understand and compose music. These music games are now joined by a range of musical  instruments to help children in school, nursery and at home  learn how to make and enjoy  music.

Our budding composers and musicians of tomorrow are in school at the moment. The idea way to nurture and stimulate an interest in music is to introduce  the delights of sound from carefully selected musical instruments.  The new selection is from various parts of the world to bring geography into the learning programme.

It would have been easy to bring musical instruments earlier into the range but we found most were just toys, said Alistair Owens MD at keen2learn. “The new instruments we have selected are robust, designed for school use and made from materials matched to give the ideal sound.” For example just take a look at the Glokenspiel and Mini Steel drum

Steel drum for school children
Steel drum for school children


y have been develop

ed for the early learner but have application over a wide  age range.

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