Mealtime Trauma Is Transformed Into Conversation With Educational Fink Card Games.

Product News / March 6, 2010

Our modern lifestyle can often interrupt the flow of conversation in families. Mealtime, once the ideal opportunity to talk can be fragmented. Ideas, comments and observations can be excluded from the normal discussion platform. That was until highly popular Fink Discussion cards that include games for the Family, Teenagers and Travel and  were launched that are now part of the Keen2learn range of PSHE educational games.

Developed by a mother of four Lisa Warner said “As a child I was nervous and awkward, I hated socialising and was very shy. When I had children I knew that more than anything that I wanted them to be confident and not afraid to talk to others. I made some cards to help us at mealtimes, as they were often stressful when the children were young. It was pretty chaotic; my husband and I would end up getting stressed and shouting at the kids. The Fink discussion cards really transformed our mealtimes and we haven’t looked back! What started off as a great way to amuse the kids at mealtimes became something much more, I couldn’t believe the confidence it gave us! Speaking to others seemed natural and not awkward at all. My children grew into confident young people and I found a love of conversation.”

The games, ideal for family use can also used as teaching resources in school and youth groups. The Warner family, are chatty, confident, communicators. Every night at 6.30 you can find them round the dining table eating, laughing, arguing and generally having a great time. Mealtimes often roll into the evening with everyone staying to chat long after the dinner is finished. The household is alive and vibrant!

“ Lisa Warner’s Fink Cards are some of the most exciting and creative ideas I’ve ever seen to stimulate family conversation and connection. Any family would want them in their home as a key component to the harmony and understanding we are all looking for.”   Lynne Franks Founder of the SEED Women’s Network

“If you’re having trouble persuading your taciturn children to do more than grunt at mealtimes, mother-of-four Lisa Warner’s new Fink Cards could be just what you need.”

“We have had so much fun with these cards and all learnt new stuff about each other. They have been a brilliant way of getting kids to want to sit and eat their tea. Sophie has taken to them so so much she wants to play them with her friends too. They have made all of us get involved in talking to each other – such a simple idea but works fantastic. I would recommend these for all ages most definitely. My mum asked if she can borrow them at Christmas as it would be brilliant fun with lots of us!” Sharon mother of 3

“Everyone in the office loves them! We’ve now got a daily ritual of having a cuppa in the afternoon and a Fink card. They are absolutely brilliant”. Commissioning Editor – Real People Magazine

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