Magic Reusable Notebook Tries To Save Paper

Product News / May 25, 2015

The recycle guys constantly remind us to save trees by not printing that email; use both sides of the page, don’t waste paper. All such advice can be incorporated into a reusable notebook. And now such a thing exists.

It provides a book that avoids wasting paper and post it notes. You can easily wipe the pages clean and reuse


There are many applications for which the Reusable Magic Notebook would be ideal but equally the need to retain notes for posterity and future reference would negate the possible use of the Magic book. The occasions when notes are referred back follow that of files. Ninety per cent of all files are never referred to again; the trouble is working out which are the ten per cent that will be needed.

But if you need a handy supply of stationery to highlight a transitory point to a student then the Magic Notebook is ideal. Just wish they didn’t call it the Magic Notebook, seemed targeted at young children whereas teachers may realise the magic element is a little twee.

The savings on paper usage may take a while to break even. Compared to a A4 pad of paper these are a little expensive.

The Reusable Magic Notebook is available for £12.99 for A5 size, and £19.99 for the A4 size from



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