Kiditec Educational Toys Boost Keen2learn Range

Product News / September 28, 2010

Keen2learn, the well known on-line shop for educational games and teaching resources has expanded its popular range of educational construction toys. “Education has to be fun to compete for a child’s time” said Alistair Owens managing director at

Although the market is awash with so called ‘educational toys’ Owens claims many have dubious educational value. “The term has been misapplied by marketing operations wanting to make their products sound more appealing to  parents” he added.

The keen2learn team spent some time scouring the market to find a product range that provides practical interest, fun and learning. They found the ideal in the Kiditec construction range. “These toys have real educational merit and meet the keen2learn mission of ‘learning in disguise’ said Owens. Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, quality is a key feature and the range is set to sell well to discerning parents in the UK.  The constructor kits are extremely sturdy and the large components make it easy for small children to assembly.  The parts interconnect to form a variety of different animals, cars, aeroplanes and cranes depending on which kit is used. The robust design allows children to play safely and even ride on certain finished toys. Although full assembly instructions are provided and Mum and Dad can help, most children quickly learn how the models are assembled and make  them into another animal, their imagination is all that is required. The parts are all interchangeable between  the other kits, making the range a huge source of practical enjoyment.

The most popular education toy from the Kiditec range is the Multicar. The kit allows the child to build a ride-on car that can be changed into a scooter or a truck, it just depends on their imagination. Learning in disguise is the sales slogan for keen2learn and certainly the new range of educational toys fits the bill precisely.

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