Keen2learn Review Gigi Cardboard Building Blocks

Product News / June 22, 2016

Reverse logic abounds in child-play. You often hear the remark kids disregarded the toy but had hours of fun with the cardboard box in which it came in. Bigjigs have taken this to heart and market an educational game made by Gigiblocks that is made entirely of cardboard boxes.

Depending on the age of the child, and this game is aimed at three years + is whether they will be able to assemble the boxes themselves or enlist a passing adult. Older children can master the assembly process where it could introduce them to the growing opportunity for a career in packing design. And before you think this is a small market – the largest companies, and often the richest in the world are involved in packaging design and manufacture.

The Gigi Bloks GB002 game comprises 60 flat packed cardboard boxes in two sizes. (50 double unit blocks 20cm x 10cm x 10cm and 10 single unit blocks 10cm x 10cm x 10cm). Once assembled, and this is one way action as they cannot be easily disassembled, the blocks provide hours of imaginative fun. The ingenious design of the boxes allows them to stack into each other to provide stability so children can build cars, boats, and animals or anywhere their imagination takes them. Regrettably the boxes are not robust enough to support too much weight. This is not a design fault – the boxes would need to be three times as thick to withstand being climbed or sat upon.


The blank cardboard surface means children can draw or paint straight onto the boxes to enhance the finished appearance – although this may interfere with any subsequent design! Or worse perhaps it may mean the child never wants their current design taken apart.


As a game there are no rules apart from don’t sit or stand on the boxes – or leave them outside. The imagination is the only limiting factor – as with all cardboard boxes! One factor we spotted during our trial was the boxes are excellent for storing small items; they even stack as well. We have one as a pen holder on the desk. A small stack of the boxes holds all manner of desk junk that has been looking for somewhere to live for ages.


One observation is once assembled the boxes take up a fair amount of space even when neatly stacked in columns. This may cause a problem at home or at the crowed classroom. Regrettable the artwork on the delivery box shows a child sitting in an assembled car and on the reverse depicts a scene with “rain” both of which are not recommended applications.

Keen2learn verdict:

Educational value ???⚪️⚪️
Dexterity ???⚪️⚪️
Cause and effect ???⚪️⚪️
Creativity ????⚪️
Robust construction ??⚪️⚪️⚪️
 Quality  ???⚪️⚪️


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