Keen2learn New Online Maths Game Receives Rave Review

Product News / October 25, 2010

Based on a combination of chess and draughts a new on-line maths game has received some rave reviews. Keen2learn have just added the new game of Counter Challenge to their selection of educational games and teaching resources. The game allows different skills and age levels to be set to offers a maths challenge from one to four players. To take an opponents piece from the board you have to correctly answer a couple of questions in a pop up box.

The questions involve addition, subtraction, division and multiplication selected before the game starts. The bigger scoring counters have the trickiest questions. The winner does not necessarily take the greatest number of opponent’s counters but achieves the higest score.

The game was reviewed in the September 2010 Maths In School Journal, “Pupils will pick this up very quickly and the competitive element will provide a stimulus. The calculations will be carried out without pupils really noticing they are doing them and it is easy to see some becoming addicted to the game.”

Counter Challenge Maths Game

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