Keen2learn Educational Games And Teaching Resources Update

News / Product News / March 24, 2011

Since keen2learn began five years ago as a web trading operation we’ve had a huge advantage over the conventional printed catalogue sales outlets. Our dynamic web site means we can adjust the range of educational games, toys and teaching resources to feature new products coming onto the market in the space of a few hours. A process that can take up to a year before they appear in a printed catalogue.

This means you get to see the latest products – sometimes within a few days of them being launched. We also pride ourselves in being able to support the smaller supplier. Whilst the larger organisation has to analyse the sales potential before adopting a product we can work closely with a supplier without placing all sorts of demands and restrictions on them. It’s like the friendly corner shop versus the supermarket chain.

This gives many small suppliers with some brilliant products the change to promote their educational games without having to meet the supply and demand restrictions of the big boys. This is especially relevant to the many ex teachers who have a great idea and want a route to market that doesn’t place a huge financial burden on them.

So if you want to some great products that you might not find elsewhere – as well as some of the most popular games from the larger manufacturers – take a look at Keen2learn. Our range is continually being adjusted as we like to make room for new products. Sometimes this means we ditch products where the margin has been eroded through over supply, or through pricing shenanigans introduced by the suppliers. And remember the keen2learn price you see is the final price you pay. There are absolutely no hidden extras that emerge when you get to the checkout. (* unfortunately we do have to make apply a small charge for deliveries to non UK mainland and overseas). And if you are a small supplier who wants to get to the educational market give us a call – we may be able to help.

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