Geniass GCSE Revsion Game Now With Humanties Pack

Product News / October 10, 2012

The Geniass educational game was developed by an ex teacher who saw a great way to enthrall children whilst they revise for GCSE’s. As a teaching resource in the classroom it is ideal for tutorial time as suggested by Ofsted for KS3 and KS4. At home with parents Geniass can be used help students learn and prove to parents how much they have forgotten.

  • Aimed at 11 – 16 year olds
  • 2-6 players or teams
  • 5 subjects included in the game – Physics, Biology, Maths, Chemistry and Religious Studies
  • 100 question cards for each subject included in the game
  • 3 levels of questions and answers on each card
  • Linked to the National Curriculum
  • History and Geography packs now part of the new combined pack.

By linking the game to the national curriculum children learn whilst having fun improving their grade, social skills and confidence. It is ideal for lunch time and after school revision clubs. The integral fun and learning retention makes Geniass ideal for home use SENCO’s, home tutoring and hospital schools. The flexibility of the educational game allows it to be played by 2 – 6 players or in teams. It can be used for personilised learning where¬† the game length cab be easily adjusted to suit the time available.

  • Geniass is VAK learning in a box
  • Improve your student’s grades, social skills and confidence
  • Can be used as part of personalised learning
  • Game length can be tailored to the time available
  • Perfect for lunch time and after school revision clubs
  • Brilliant tool for SENCOs, Home Tutors, Students Teachers and Hospital Schools
  • Ideal learning resource for one to one support
  • Can be played with individual players or teams
  • Can be played as a single or multi subject game

Witness the rapid improvement in your child’s knowledge and self-esteem through playing Geniass. It’s the cost effective way to improve your child’s grades and confidence and nuture the a learning¬† relationship with your child.

  • Best value resource for Home Study
  • A multi-sensory learning game and revision flashcards in one!
  • A family game where the children are always the winners
  • Play your kids to see how much you’ve forgotten and they actually know – you’ll be surprised

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