Elemensus Educational Game Turns Periodic Table Into Fun.

Product News / November 1, 2012

A new educational game helps children learn the periodic table. This essential area of knowledge, critical in understanding  chemistry in science has always been a chore to learn. ElemensusTM is a new science game teaching resource available from keen2learn that turns the learning process into fun in the classroom and at home with the family.

The elements are the building blocks of everything in the Universe which makes them rather useful to know! Playing the game is not only great fun it helps  children, and parents, to learn and remember the Periodic Table of Elements. The science game uses a letter and word format in a tile board game. The game features 162 double-sided tiles, an “Orion nebula game board” with word-star starting points, element tile racks, rules, dice, and a complete Periodic Table. The completed game using all 162 tiles shows a complete Periodic Table plus some extra elements such as Oxygen (O), Thorium (Th), Einsteinium (Es).  Each of the game tiles shows the element’s group in colour, name, atomic number and abbreviation. If the element can’t be used in a word the flip-side of the tile shows a full A-Z of Dark Matter – all that stuff that scientists are still looking for but haven’t quite found yet.

The fun content provides a huge benefit in the learning process. The often dull slog of learning the periodic table is transposed into a fun activity which is both enjoyable, competitive and provides greater retention in learning. Learning in Disguise as keen2learn describes it. Elemensus was designed by Tony Davis with astrophysical help from Dr. Edward Gomez.

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