Educational ICT Games Are Top Presents For Christmas

Product News / October 26, 2011

This year educational toys are being closely reviewed as many parents look at Christmas in a different light. Young children, blissfully unaware of the meaning of recession, are looking forward to receiving presents but instead of buying the latest plastic craze many parents are thinking of fewer but more worthwhile gifts.

The Keen2learn website is full of educational games, toys and puzzles designed to provide fun learning that follows the National Curriculum. Our theme of “Learning in Disguise” reiterates the advice given by Plato over two thousand years ago; “Do not, my friend, keep children to their studies by compulsion, but by play.” Turning learning into fun is hugely attractive to children who learn the rules of the game then play it repeatedly gaining confidence and speed. This self assurance leads to exploration and as the keen2learn  teaching resources cover a huge range of subjects there are plenty to chose from that can help with performance back in school. One of the more inventive Christmas presents are in electronics and there are  some great  ICT games (information communications technology) which introduce children to electronics and computer control.

LogiRobot can be used in simple play or  used in more complex and engaging projects that help children understand the principles of control, automation and robotics. But watch out as LogiRobot has a mind of its own that you need to control.

LogiRobot from Logiblocs

LogiRobot Crane from Logiblocs

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