Educational Games Revitalise School Homework

Product News / July 14, 2010

Pagabo revison games

Pagbo online revision games from keen2learn

Pagabo the home educational revision system  is seen as a real alternative to traditional print based revision guides. Stuffed full of educational games this on-line system learning platform provides children with a stimulating and challenging way to learn and revise. The single subscription fee of £29.99 allows access by the whole family for a year. Already used by over 700 schools to support children the comprehensive programme includes access to over 30,000 curricular questions and a multitude of games.

Pagabo operates on  a reward interface  whereby  answering the questions correctly unlocks new games with results being displayed at the end of the session. It entices children to learn by having fun. Purchased by parents for the whole family, Pagabo will help families learn together and inspire learners’ performance.

The range of subjects is growing and is fully accessible to all using the system. The range of revision games cover key stage 1, Key stage 2, key stage 3, key stage 4 and Diploma

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