Educational Games Get Children To Open Up On Tricky Areas

Product News / February 11, 2011

One of the greatest problems to face a parent, teacher or youth worker is being able to form an effective line of communication with a child, teenager or young adult. Often worried about serious issues in their life many young people are unable to find the way to discuss an issue that concern them. A new range of educational games, Choice Discussion Cards, developed by a specialist with 25 years experience in this sensitive area have opened the door for young people to start effective discussions with adults.

Communication is one of the most pressing concerns in the education of young people. The Communications Trust are running the ‘Hello, Talk-Listen-Take part’ campaign to make 2011 a national year of communication. The aim to drive awareness of how important it is for children and young people to develop effective communications skills with their peers, parents, carers and society.

The Choice Discussion Card range is designed to help the development of effective communication on subjects of greatest concern to children and young people. Expressing their thoughts and emotions on social and challenging issues is a huge challenge for many children. Using these new PSHE teaching resources in a place and environment that is good to talk without interruptions from phones or TV’s and having a snack and a drink ready will ease the tensions that are often present at the start of conversations. This is especially relevant if you are tackling bullying, drugs, bereavement, gang culture, relationships, school work or any other issue that could be an ongoing or a new problem.

Let’s Get Talking Choice Discussion card sets are designed to get the exchange going but preparation on the subject area is important to steer the flow of conversation. Covering many subjects including Health, Crime and Personal development they have been developed specifically to handle issues that are tricky and challenging for parents and carers to open a conversation with young people. The cards are both intervention and prevention tools that unpick and drill down through key issues. The flow of conversation will allow adults to understand the underlying problems concerning the child or teenager.

Prepare yourself for any ‘truths’ to emerge; you may be surprised at just what is revealed. Preparation and knowledge of the issue is essential as nothing will hit you as hard as the truth.

Each set of Choice Discussion Cards gives a selection of topic cards for the child to choose.  They are then asked to discuss why they chose that card. Patience is a virtue whilst using the cards. Adults need to be non-judgemental and open minded otherwise the child will close down. Designed as educational games to empower the child, which in turn will allow adults to discuss a satisfied solution together! Do not feel guilty about your parenting or teaching skills. These communication cards are here to help improve a child’s life and well-being.

Social and challenging issues are something all parents, teachers and carers face with children reaching adolescence. Suddenly the sweet young child has turned into a greasy, green spotted monster that just grunts. Now you can reach out for support which can otherwise be a hard and tough time for all.  Award-Winning Let’s Get Talking discussion cards cover: Depression, Alcohol, Drugs, Hygiene, Anger, Friends, Knives, Guns and Gangs, Life, Love, Money and Being Bullied.  And the range is expanding.

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