Discussion Card Educational Games Meet PSHE Key Teaching Needs

Product News / September 10, 2010

A New saver selection pack lets customer choose 10 individual educational choice discussion card games and save £20. Designed to support one of the most difficult areas of education – to get shy or troubled children to open up to discuss their feelings! These popular Choice discussion cards tackle a growing number of issues in the form of educational PSHE games.

Originally keen2learn sold these popular games in single packs, or as a saver pack of 10 titles from each series. Designed for use by parents, teachers and youth workers they have proven extremely popular and achieved a breakthrough with many children who have been previously reluctant to discuss key issues. Their format as educational games breaks the ice and comes from 25 years of experience by the designer of the games.  Their popularity has now been increased through the introduction of a user-chooser selection option. The games can be bought individually, in series saver pack of 10 titles or now in the new self -select pack where the customer selects the 10 titles they want from the whole range.

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