Wireless Temperature Probe For Smartphones.

Product News / January 9, 2015

One of the beauties of smart devices are their ability to capture, analyse and importantly share data. This new wireless temperature probe is ideal for the educational field allowing  data for a group or class wide experiment to be captured. Recording the  temperatures of a process or experiment can now be semi automated and as the recorded data can be emailed to a remote third party, quality control records or process control it opens a host of benefits over the conventional data recorder.

The new wireless temperature probe from IDS Education is designed  to couple to a smart device; iPad, iPhone and iPod . Students can capture instantaneous results and use the app to graph temperature against time curves. The robust probe has been designed and tested in the schools environment.

Experiment possibilities include:

Science fair projects
Monitoring environmental conditions
Monitoring the temperature in a fish tank or greenhouse
Measuring the efficiency of a Thermos™
Measuring the temperature of the air coming from an air conditioner or furnace


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