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Product News / June 10, 2012

The importance of renewable energy in the national curriculum can now be strengthened with the new Clean Energy Trainer teaching resources from Heliocentris and keen2learn. Exploring the benefits of wind, solar and fuel cell technology this classroom resource helps children explore the components of the energy chain including, generation, conversion, storage and supply.

The learning objective of this comprehensive approach to modern science in school allows children to understand the scientific processes involved in power conversion. The physical, chemical, biological and environmental concepts and processes are explored through practical experiments to heighten awareness. The Clean Energy Trainer reinforces the lesson content within the curriculum in a series of enjoyable and memorable hands on practical exercises.

The equipment and lesson plans allow each area to be explored in isolation before being merged to capture and distribute energy. The wind generator allows the number of blades and angle of attack to be adjusted to explore and plot efficiency curves. Wind speed is measured by the anemometer supplied as part of the kit. The solar panels power the electrolysis process allowing students to measure efficiencies and produce hydrogen as a key process in power storage. Variable fuel cell stacks generate electricity from the stored hydrogen and oxygen and allow power characteristics of fuel cell to be observed.

The Clean Energy Trainer is supplied with a comprehensive series of experiments and lesson plans to meet with the curriculum. Students will have great fun exploring the interrelating source of green energy whilst measuring the performance of the processes through experiments that controlled and recorder on a data logging computer program.

The great teaching resource can be used with the supplied software-based simulation of different weather conditions and load profiles. The program also allows manual and automatic generation of characteristic curves and supports measurement and experimentation based on the extensive lesson support and experiment instructions.

See a demonsration of the Clean Energy Trainer:

Green renewable energy is becoming a crucial feature in our daily lives. The concepts may have been around for decades but the commitment to its use is growing and children in school will have the task of making renewable energy ever more efficient. And the Clean energy trainer is just the start to whet their appetite.

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