Children Learning Book Keeping In School Boost Job Prospects

Product News / May 16, 2012

Seeing a gap in many students’ education one of the world’s leading accountancy software devlopers has developed Sage At School a student’s educational programme in business finance. A recent commercial agreement means this significant educational programme is now available from Despite modern teaching resources many senior executives from employers and universities  comment on the poor standard of numeracy and commercial awareness in job and degree applicants. School leavers and graduates are  facing a  tougher employment market where the quality of many recruits is falling behind employer expectations.

Sage at School is a combination of teaching resource and student’s packs. Developed by Sage UK, a market leader in  accountacy software, it is a real opportunity for children in secondary school to enhance their CV with a foundation qualification in business finance and book keeping. Aimed at Head Teachers, business curriculum and maths leaders in school there are no reasons to stop parents providing the same tuition at home. Alistair Owens, managing director at keen2learn explained “In addition to children and graduates wanting to get a good job – around 77 per cent dream of running their own business.” He added “In this increasingly competitive world giving young people a head start is foremost in the minds of most educational leaders and parents. A sound knowledge in business finance is crucial to help those dreams become a reality.”

Keen2learn have been promoting educational games and teaching resource to parents, schools, colleges and universities since 2006. The recent tie up with Sage is a very natural development. “When we set up the award winning keen2learn website getting the finance right was vital. We used a Sage accountancy program which gave us a clear insight in handling the cash for the company,” said Alistair Owens. “The current economy has meant money is becoming ever tighter and a young person’s understanding of finance in business –whatever their job description will be a real asset to their employer and themselves. Sage at School will be a tremendous start.”

Although the Sage at School certificate was originally designed as a teaching resource in schools any parent with an understanding of numeracy will be able to support their child at home. Holding the Sage at home certificate could make the world of difference in their future career.

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