Boost Self Esteem in Children with Feel Good Educational Games

Product News / February 2, 2012

Young children often struggle to understand their feelings and insecurities when dealing with other children. A key is to encourage them through educational Feel Good Board games which open up with a chance to express themselves and see they are not that different from other children. This reassurance and encouragement is an important part of PSHE teaching resources for younger children.

The games have been developed to make learning easy. With a little patience and practice by parents and teachers the involvement and confidence of children is easily achieved. The Feel Good board game is a non-competitive team game for use as a PSHE teaching resource in the classroom or at home. By helping children become familiar with different feelings and emotions and ways of expressing them they will learn to be sharing, caring, laughing and smiling whilst focusing on their own and others unique qualities. A fun way for children to gain confidence and boost their self-esteem.

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