Big Bang Can Lead To Big Career In Stem Subjects

Product News / March 3, 2010

The Big Bang kicks off in 2 weeks. This is the ideal opportunity for parents to see what the future holds in STEM subjects for children.

Based in the Manchester Central Convention Complex this great event will run from 11-13th March 2010. Key day for parents and children is Saturday 13th March.

Despite the recent shenanigans over GCSE science exam marking, engineering and science are key areas of the curriculum and possibly the most rewarding. Frankly they are probably the most essential future roles for the UK. Bankers are merely a necessary evil, but then I’m an engineer and can clearly see the benefits to society and the world at large from the STEM guys! You doubt it? Well I guess we are still to hear of a single invention from a banker apart from sub prime. So if you want your child to follow a worthwhile career, boy or girl, and they are keen2learn as we say – get them along to the Big Bang.

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