Best Early Learning Educational Toys Are Wooden

Product News / July 20, 2012

Some of the best early learning toys are still made in wood. The texture, feel and touch is one thing but  importantly a wooden educational toy enriches the sound they produce. This is especially relevant in  the new Sound and Sight drum launched by keen2learn. Designed to stimulate children in early years learning the drum produces a different noise from the six sound tubes as the child spins the drum. The effect is enhanced by the materials that reflect light in different patterns as the drum turns.

Children can also learn early motor skills playing with  wooden threading rattlesnakes. Children pass the stout threading sleeve through the holes in body sections and head to form a colourful bendy rattlesnake. This educational toy teaches children fine motor skills and hours of fun. The alternate colours can be used in the body helps to develop sequencing skills.

The threading motor and sequencing skills these new toys provide comes with the fun practice the children will get by playing with the toys in the nursery school and foundation class in infants school.

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