Beat Revision Blues With New Fun Educational Games

Product News / June 24, 2010

Revising for a GCSE exam or SAT test  is generally seen as a chore by school children. Swatting through textbooks and exercise books can be boring and tedious. Parents and teachers can do little but urge children along. But the process can now be turned into a series of fun educational games.

Keen2learn had just teamed up with the Pagabo range of on line educational games. Developed by educationalists to meet the full scope of the National curriculum, the subjects are portrayed in clever and entertaining revision games. The annual subscription gives a family of up to four children and both parents the opportunity to revise on-line using 100’s of entertaining games. Parents are also able to see records of their child’s progress online.

The revision exercises cover maths, literacy, English, Science, art and design, ICT, modern foreign languages and more. Designed for children in all key stages and GCSE the educational game approach removes the normal dislike of learning and swatting with text books and exercises. Turning revision into fun draws children into the system that helps them recap on facts and progress through the games.

Developed for use at home Pagabo is an incredibly practical gift for children from Aunts, Uncle and Grandparents. If you’re  stuck for that ideal birthday or Christmas present send them a Pagabo subscription or some  revision games from They will have hours hours of fun, learn and revise at the same time.

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