Keen2learn Reviews Bigjigs Rainbow Range

Product News / April 25, 2016

When buying toys for very young children you want a robust toy that will give enjoyment to the child whilst being safe and educational.

We have reviewed a selection of the Rainbow Range of wooden toys from Bigjigs. Painted in bright child-safe paint colours and varnish they are robust and can be washed easily with water and a cloth.

They each have a simple theme that can provide interest whilst developing early tactile skills in a child from birth upwards. Similar to all toys from Bigjigs the Rainbow Range are designed to meet safety standard EN71.

Rainbow Roller

Product code: BB117


The roller can be handled and shaken as well as rolled across the floor. The three swinging arms are designed to hit the wooden pegs producing a rattle sound as they child plays with the roller in their hands or rolled across a hard floor.

Rainbow Rattle

Product code: BB122


Similar in size and shape to the Rainbow Roller this bell rattle version has a multi coloured cage fitted between the side ‘Rollers” in which the bell rolls and rattles. Unlike many other similar toys the rattle is exposed so the child can appreciate where the noise comes from whereas other toys tend to bury the rattle within the toy masking the sound and hiding its source.

The downside of the design is when cleaning the rattle the bell could get wet and we believe could start to rust.

Rainbow Star

Product Code: BB118

BB118 BB118-1

The lacquered wooden frame holds a good quality mirror rather than a cheap piece of plastic that distort the image used by competitors . The brightly coloured child- safe painted ‘petals’  forming the star are held in place by elastic. This allows the child to twist the petals to change the shape and appearance of the star.

Rainbow Petals

Product Code: BB120

BB120 (1)

This seven-piece ring of brightly coloured petals is held together by strong elastic. This allows the child to twist the petals to form a different shape where the petals face inwards – as in a closed flower or outwards to mimic an open flower. There is an inevitability the petals will end up being chewed and it is good to know the paints and lacquer used are children friendly.


Keen2learn verdict:

Educational value ???⚪️⚪️
Dexterity ???⚪️⚪️
Cause and effect ???⚪️⚪️
Creativity ???⚪️⚪️
Robust construction ?????


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