Keen2learn Reviews Wooden Balancing Games

Product News / March 5, 2016

The best educational games are those that take a moment to set up and play. We review the two games aimed at the three years old to adult sector.

In this day of smartphone apps we found these games can be set and ready to play in around 10 secs. Beat that smartphone, and not a battery to go flat in sight. They are designed to improve hand-eye coordination and dexterity but also provide great fun for the players.

Stack a Stick Wooden Game:

Suitable for aged 3+ years the smiling dog which is the central character sits up whilst the game players stack small coloured sticks on his head, paws and tail. Up to four players can join in the game. The winner is the one who has used all their sticks, but there is a catch; if the sticks fall off you have to take back your colour that have fallen off whilst the rest are put aside.

BJ796-5The dog is made of wood and made to last. We can image the Stack a Stick game being a family favourite and being handed from one generation to the next. The dog’s smiling face, collar and the four sets of coloured sticks are painted using child friendly paint and lacquer.



Dimensions: 13cms high by 12cms long


Educational value ???⚪️⚪️
Dexterity ?????
Confidence building ?????
Coordination ????⚪️
Imagination ???⚪️⚪️
Robust construction ?????

Stack a Cat Wooden Game:

Also suitable for the 3+ year age group, the Stack a Cat stands on all four paws – and perfectly still, which is unusual for a cat. The game can be set up ready to be played in just 10 seconds. The rules are simple; throw the wooden dice that tells the player which colour disc to use and where to place it on the cat. The discs are different sizes, which add to the fun when a large disc has to be placed on top of a small disc. The winner is the first to use up all their discs.

BJ795The educational game develops hand eye coordination and dexterity whilst providing great fun for the players – which we believe is what an educational game is all about.

The stack a cat and the coloured discs are made from wood and painted in child friendly paint and lacquer. We believe the game will last for generations and is certain to be a family favourite. It can be played with one player allowing a child to play whilst a parent observes (there are some small discs which need to be watched.) Most importantly parents can also play the game on their own – you know you wanted to.

Dimensions: 13cms high by 14cms long


Educational value ???⚪️⚪️
Dexterity ????⚪️
Confidence building ?????
Coordination ?????
Imagination ???⚪️⚪️
Robust construction ?????


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